We are updating our website.

We've changed some and added some features. We apologize if there is any disruption in service.

Some of the notable changes include:


Going back to Password Authenticaiton
We've gotten a lot of feedback on signing in to the website, especially for families that share one login, and the OTP (One Time Password) through email is not optimal. So, we have gone back to regular passwords, but that means that you might need to use the "Forgot My Password" link to reset or create a password.

Reset or create a password now

We recognize that this step is an added difficulty, so for the the next 30 days, anyone that has an existing account and resets their password will be sent a coupon code for 5% off your next order.


Better Store Locators
If you like the feature to pick up in store, we've been improving the web experience for that. Anyone that accidentily selected the wrong store before will be happy with the new system.


Auctions and Make an Offer
Our Auctions and the Make An Offer button have been very popular features of our website. Part of the changes we have made to the website mean that we have had to pause those features for now, but they will be back soon.


Changes to Categories and Search
Over the next few weeks we will be realigning our categories to be easier to find what you are looking for and the search engine has been significantly upgraded. Come back often to check out the changes.


Future Friendly
Part of the changes to the website won't be seen be visitors like you, but they will make the site more adaptable moving forward. These changes will help us to do more with BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup In Store), making it easier to find the products that you are looking for, see more of what is happening in the stores, and communicate better.


Keep coming back to check out the continuing improvements. We look forward to serving you now and into the future.


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