How to Dress Warm All Winter Season

Dressing for the weather is important – but especially during the winter. Too often the weather has a sudden change, and we’re caught in the freezing rain or a wind storm. However, sticking to a few simple rules can keep you weather-proof all winter season, and will help keep that common cold at bay.


Whether you’ve planned for an outing on the mountains this winter, or will be walking to work within any Canadian city, it’s best to be ready for it.


Here are 4 key steps to dressing warm all winter season:


Step 1. Wear the best winter fabrics for the season.


Wool, tweed, fleece, fur, velvet, and leather are made to keep you warm. Other materials that work best are ones that are also waterproof and lightweight.


Step 2. Have a base layer on.


Many believe that the answer to dressing right all winter long lies entirely on wearing a parka – but layering is the real deal. With the right layers, you can easily remove what you need if the weather warms up. Start with a base layer that is made of a lightweight, breathable material, that will remove moisture.Your go-to fabric that has all of this is merino wool.


Step 3. Wear a middle layer.


Your next layer can be a cozy vest, sweater or pullover - but your best option is wearing one made of fleece, or a layer of down that is lightweight. For pants, fleece is once again the winner. A pair of fleece pants suits best for very cold days, but an alternative would be a base layer of pants made with a breathable, warm material that will stay dry (such as the aforementioned merino wool).


Step 4. Wear a protective outer layer.


While the wool jacket may be windproof and lovely on drier days, it will only hold onto the moisture when the freezing rain or snow appears. For outings on the ski hill or travels through rain and snow, opt for a wind-breaking and waterproof outer layer that will protect you.


Look for down jackets – and ones made with Gor-Tex. A winter jacket that also has zippers and vents are excellent for added breathability, as well. For pants, combine your base layer pants with a pair that will block the wind – denim is often a good choice for this. For a wind-breaking and waterproof pant, reach for a pair snow pants.


As tedious as it may sound, layering up like an onion has its benefits and certainly keeps you warm. By following these steps, you should find yourself feeling toasty all winter long.


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