Weeds Season 6 (DVD)

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"After a family member eliminates a competitor with a croquet mallet, the Weeds family hits the road again in the sixth season of the Showtime dramedy. With his relationship in tatters, Andy joins up with Nancy and the boys. On the way to Seattle, the Botwins become the Newmans, who aim to lead a non-drug dealing existence. Promises Nancy: ""It's a whole new life."" All the while, her husband, Esteban, is on their trail.In the Jet City, they find work at a hotel, where they tangle with a no-nonsense manager and a sadistic chef. Soon, Nancy soon adds ""herbal relaxation therapy"" to the maid service she provides, Silas gives college life a try, and babysitter Shane falls in with a trio of soccer moms. After Esteban's men kidnap Doug, they head towards the Midwest, where Nancy has a fling with a hunky bartender on her way to visit a figure from her past. In Michigan, Silas uncovers a family secret and one fugitive stops running.If the year gets off to a bumpy start, Weeds finds its footing once the cast leaves Ren Mar. As ever, Parker holds the scenario together by finding the likability in a character who often does unlikable things.

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