Uber Die Geschichte Der Menschheit

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The result is a collection of relatively well appreciated and understood tech-nologies and not those more on the cutting edge of innovation. The output from our concept technology pairing initiatives however, is new knowledge that, in turn, leads quickly into another more re-fined version of the concept, successive iterations of the concept, in essence, bring that concept forward and allow warfighters to use and shape new term opportunities for concepts like Sheriff FSEP that were previously relegated to an ill-defined future. By getting these capabilities into the hands of warfighters early and allowing them to experiment and exploring with successive iterations of the capabilities allows for the rapid coevolution of tac-tics concepts and leads to a level of operational dexterity that pro-motes innovation among the forces. It is the information age way of getting to an understanding of how you would use things before they are, in fact, laid in concrete, like riding a bicycle. It is not about the bike. It is about what you are going to learn to do, and eventually the Tour de France winning bike will come to Lance Armstrong, the newspaper boy bike to somebody else, and we will be able to work that out.

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