Trapt - Reborn (CD)

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Deluxe edition includes six additional tracks. 2013 release from the multi-platinum Southern California quartet. Reborn is not only their first independent release outside of the traditional label system; it's also their first to feature drummer Dylan Howard [Unwritten Law] and co-production by longtime friend Matt Thorne. Holing up in a studio with Thorne, Trapt began to prolifically crank out songs. The record's first single 'Bring It' served as the catalyst, sparking a veritable flurry of creativity.

Track List:?ÿ

  1. Bring It?ÿ
  2. Love Hate Relationship?ÿ
  3. Experience
  4. Living In The Eye Of The Storm?ÿ
  5. Livewire
  6. Strength In Numbers
  7. Get Out Of Your Own Way
  8. Going Under?ÿ
  9. Too Close
  10. When it Rains
  11. You're No Angel?ÿ
  12. Bring It (Acoustic)?ÿ
  13. Love Hate Relationship (Acoustic)?ÿ
  14. Experience (Acoustic)?ÿ
  15. Living In The Eye Of The Storm (Acoustic)?ÿ
  16. Too Close (Acoustic)?ÿ
  17. Avelyn

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