The Mill: Series One (DVD)

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"Cheshire, 1833, and the cobbles are awash with sods. ""Yer all orphans and bastards,"" snarls dastardly foreman Charlie Crout (Craig Parkinson) as oppressed urchins gulp and clench their bumcheeks. ""Make as much noise as yer like,"" he continues, leeringly, over the incessant crraaang of the mechanised looms. ""No one cares. No one'll hear yer. No one'll ever listen to yer!"" Abandon hope all ye who enter The Mill (Sunday, 8pm, Channel 4). And jettison preconceptions while ye be at it. The timeslot may lend itself to the mawkish and the genteel but this is no place for scones or whimsy. Nor is it a place for sunshine, cheer, labradors bumbling amiably across sweeping lawns, toffs fumbling buffoonishly with fish knives, shots of bonneted wenches that don't involve unwanted pregnancy or crying, or apple-cheeked Windy Miller types snapping their braces and whistling merrily as they inflate the bouncy castle of Social History. It is, however, the perfect place in which to contemplate the bellowing horror of 19th-century rural-industrial injustice. And child labour. And the prospect of sickly, overworked adolescents hoiking up their nightshirt and lunging for a bedpan with the words, ""I need a cack."" So here we are in Quarry Bank Mill, up to our neckerchiefs in factually inspired historical unpleasantness. ""Our children know nothing but work and suffering!"" honks a beetroot-faced agitator in a stovepipe hat. ""The 10-hour bill merely seeks to ensure that no child works more than 10 hours a day,"" he continues, historically, as fellow socially conscious sorts rhubarb and wave pieces of paper in agreement. Will the bill be made law?This product is like new condition and is still in its original packaging.

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