The Doors *New* Infinite CAPP DOORS SA SACD Box Set

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"The Doors Infinite CAPP DOORS SA SACD Box Set

*Substandard Packaging, a small triangle tear in the Original Shrink Wrap on back of Box Set.*

The Doors

The Doors - Infinite
Label: Analogue Productions
Genre: Pop/Rock
Product No.: CAPP DOORS SA
Format: SACD Box Set
No. of Discs: 6

Analogue Productions and Acoustic Sounds bring you The Doors ®Õ?? the band®Õ??s six Morrison-era albums, all on Hybrid Multichannel SACD, in a special edition box set limited to 2,500 numbered copies!

All remastered from the original sources by Doug Sax and The Doors original engineer Bruce Botnick.

As aptly put by rock ®Õ??n®Õ?? roll journalist extradorinare Ben Fong-Torres, there®Õ??s never been a reissue of The Doors recordings that sounded quite like these gems from Analogue Productions and Acoustic Sounds. And now, you can ®Õ??break on through®Õ?? with all six Doors®Õ?? studio albums in a deluxe box set ®Õ?? on Hybrid Multichannel SACD and 45 RPM LP!

Analogue Productions, using the original master analog sources, brings The Doors to SACD, resulting in as Doors biographer Ben Fong-Torres, esteemed rock journalist and former Rolling Stone editor, notes: ""Bottom line, a chronicle of The Doors in the studio, captured with the highest sonic quality possible.

""They deserve no less.""

All of The Doors®Õ?? legendary albums ®Õ?? The untoppable self-titled 1967 debut The Doors, one of rock®Õ??s most important debuts, Strange Days, Waiting For The Sun, The Soft Parade, Morrison Hotel, and the visceral L.A. Woman ®Õ?? have been remastered by Doug Sax and The Doors®Õ?? original engineer Bruce Botnick, and made available on Hybrid Multichannel SACD for the first time in the U.S.!

The surround sound program on the Doors SACDs comes from the original 96K, 24-bit files mixed and mastered by Bruce Botnick for the DVD Audio Doors/Perception release. Those mixes were made from the original 8-track, 15 i.p.s. analog master tapes, with the exception of The Doors, which was recorded on 4-track. For the SACDs, the mixes were then up-sampled without filters to DSD using the Weiss Saracon format converter and authored by Gus Skinas at the Super Audio Center.

Fong-Torres helped compile one of the most definitive written histories of the band ®Õ?? ""The Doors by The Doors."" In that book, Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) calls The Doors, ""the most underrated musical powerhouse in rock history. And unlike some that fade away into the abyss, The Doors will always relate to the youth of any era.""

Girl you gotta love your man. And audiophiles, you®Õ??ll love The Doors box set on SACD from Acoustic Sounds. The memory of Morrison and Co. on you depends; their legacy will never end. Get this box set today before they®Õ??re gone; into your house The Doors will storm ... Yeah!"

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