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Seagate FreePlay 1000GB Internal 5400RPM 2.5" (ST1000LM010) HDD

by Seagate | SKU: 44724082420CBS0EC186 | UPC: | LOC: -186-08-24-20
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The Seagate FreePlay ST1000LM010 is a 1000GB, or 1TB, hard drive. It has enough storage space for hundreds of thousands of photos, hours of video, and hundreds of game installations. It features a spindle speed of 5400 RPM, and it’s connected to a PCB with the CC9F firmware. The official part number is 9YH146-550. The form factor is 2.5 inches by 15 millimeters. This is called the small form factor and often used for server drives. This will work well in most computer cases and external enclosures as well. For limited space, the hard drive fits neatly. The FreePlay name means that this drive is preconfigured to work with certain other Seagate products, such as the GoFlex. The GoFlex is a hard drive enclosure that can be found with or without a hard drive. The FreePlay fits perfectly into this enclosure. That makes the ST1000LM010 a great fit for installing a GoFlex HDD. It also works as a replacement for a unit that expired. Seagate FP products come with certain advanced features, such as data recovery and backup. An FP drive is preformatted and comes with any necessary software preinstalled for your convenience. If you want to use this product as a non-FreePlay device, this is also possible. You can simply format it to the file system of your choice, and all preinstalled items will be gone. The ST1000LM010 is an internal hard drive, which means that it’s designed to reside inside a computer. It can fit a laptop if you are careful to choose a laptop with a 15-millimeter HDD drive setting. It has a SATA III connection, which means that it can achieve a theoretical throughput of 3 GB/s. The SATA cable simply connects from the motherboard or enclosure to the port on the HDD. This hard disk also requires power and features a standard power connector for ease of use. Simply run a power cable from a power supply unit or an enclosure. When formatted, this hard drive provides 512 bytes per sector, and it features a 16MB cache buffer. The cache hardware lets these drives store priority data for faster access. These drives also have a 350G operational shock threshold. That means that you can use it while on a train or in a car. It should be able to read and write with the same consistency as when still. The 1TB ST1000LM010 achieves fast average seek times. Individual seek times will vary depending on a number of different factors, but they will maintain efficiency in many conditions. Read and write speeds will be about 130 MB/s. Proper defragmentation can help maintain and even exceed these speeds. The software that is included in the drive can help with this. Other maintenance, including backup and recovery, can also be assisted by this software. Seagate ST1000LM010 hard drives are fast, agile storage solutions. Hard metal and plastic help ensure that they stay sturdy. If you need to upgrade for compatibility, Seagate provides an easy native process through which to do that.

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