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Rocket Arena Mythic Edition (Xbox One)

by Xbox One | SKU: 135334070721CAS0EC31 | UPC: 014633744088 | LOC: -22.0-07-07-21
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SKU 135334070721CAS0EC31

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Rocket Arena: Mythic Edition includes

  • Outfits for Guardian Phoenix Jayto Mythic, Frost Princess Kayi, Cyber Sailor Blastbeard, and Stone Temple Izell
  • Pulsar megablast trail and Fragment return trail
  • 1,000 Rocket Fuel (Rocket Fuel can be used to purchase the Blast Pass or unique cosmetic customizations, including character outfits, mega blast trails, and return trails in the arena)

Rocket Arena

  • In this explosive 3-on-3 shooter, head into the Rocket Arena, where you'll have to master your hero's unique rockets to emerge victorious on the Rocket Championship Tour
  • Explore a growing roster of heroes with distinctive personalities, backstories, and rivalries
  • Master your hero's powerful abilities and signature rockets to get the most out of your squad
  • Every match you play with your hero earns experience and unlocks Rocket Parts, Totem Parts, outfits to customize their look, powerful artifacts for stat boosts and effects, and more
  • Direct your targets, time your dodges, and use items and gadgets such as the Rocket Magnet, Trip Mine, and Speed Boost to lead your team to victory
  • You can’t die--taking too many hits will blast you out of the arena, but you can ride your rocket right back in, assess the scene, and return to the fight
  • Explore exotic locales throughout the world of Crater, from the tropical ruins of The Gemstone Jungle to the high-tech Boom City
  • Knockout mode gives you classic 3v3 competitive action and you can practice first against RocketBots to test out your favorite combos
  • Score goals in Rocketball, control zones in Mega Rocket and go for the gold in Treasure Hunt
  • Note: Requires an internet connection and a subscription to Xbox Live Gold (sold separately)

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