Prodibio Reef Booster Pro- Saltwater, 10/10 mL vials - treats 2500-5000 gal

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All types of corals, even those with Zooxanthellae, which feed on light, require nutrient supplements. REEF BOOSTER has been developed in partnership with aquaculture experts based on highly effective products that are used to start up crustacean, mollusk and bivalve larvae. The product is a complete nutrient supplement containing all the elements required by the invertebrates that feed solely or partly on micro plankton and for Zooxanthellae carrying coral which need micro plankton. REEF BOOSTER favors the development of corals, clams and micro-fauna and the reduction of nitrates and phosphates by feeding and maintaining anaerobic bacteria on live rocks. After a few weeks of use, hermatypic corals (Plerogyra and Euphyllia) expand and the ahermatypic polyps (Scleronephthya and Tub Astraea) and the Gorgonians flourish. Coral color also stabilizes. REEF BOOSTER contains very high concentrations of the polyunsaturated w3-fatty acid groups which all marine organisms need. A few drops in fish feed make it more appetizing, making Reef Booster an excellent solution when starting to feed difficult or recently imported fish.

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