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Oracle BPM Suite 11g developer's cookbook

by Vivek Acharya | SKU: 161025111019CB | UPC: 9781849684224 | LOC: F-122-10-11-19
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The breadth of the book is impressive. Vivek has done a great job of describing many topics and aspects of the BPM Suite story. Along with the impressive scope, he also manages to provide a lot of details and in-depth descriptions, for example in his discussion of business indicators and BAM, the configuration of fault policies and on the development of User Interfaces with ADF to support Human Tasks. He uses a single case throughout the book – a case that is clear and comprehensive. Not too simplistic to become trivial and neither too complex to overburden the reader. Both business and process analysis, as well as developers, will benefit from this book – although I think that the former roles may find the level of technical detail a little overwhelming (the discussion of Data Objects for example very early on mentions XSD – too early in my opinion). On the other hand, even though the book is very recently published, it does not discuss the very important new features in BPM Suite first introduced in the PS 4 Feature Pack (August 2011) and release as part of PS 5 (February 2012) (apart from a two-sentence reference to the ability to do correlation for BPM instances). Subjects such as draft processes, instance migration and altering running instances (as one way to add improvisation) should, in my opinion, have been part of this book. I also find the discussion of the Composers (both the SOA and Process Composer) wanting: when it comes to run time, business-driven agility, these tools are very valuable. Yet they are hardly mentioned at all. The same applies to events and the event delivery network (at the same time JMS based interaction is discussed at length – arguably less business level than EDN). Although many topics are explained as well as demonstrated in a large number of useful screenshots, some subjects are mentioned in passing but not explained at all -leaving the reader a little bewildered about what just hit them. All in all, when you want to get a pragmatic introduction to Oracle BPM Suite that gets you started with doing things and also helps you understand many of those things, this book is an excellent investment. Even for readers who may not do BPM Suite but only SOA Suite, this book is very useful because of its introduction and detailed discussion of Business Rule, Human Task and ADF based User Interfaces for Human Tasks and several examples of fault handling, adapter usage and run time monitoring and configuration. The central case in the book is a business process for responding to a Sales Quote request. Some customer wants to order certain products. The process for determining the offer to be made to the customer – including the discount, the final price, additional terms, etc. – is modeled and implemented over the subsequent chapters. This includes the implementation of the Business Rules and the User Interfaces for the Human Tasks. It even includes the configuration of a File Adapter for writing the Quote details to a file.

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