Odd Jobs (DVD)

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When five fraternity buddies leave school for their summer jobs, Max (Paul Reiser) starts work with The Cabrezi Brothers moving company; Dwight (Robert Townsend) and Byron (Paul Provenza) start caddying at a golf course; while Woody (Scott McGinnis) waits tables and Roy (Rick Overton) attempts to sell nuclear-powered vacuums. When none of their jobs works out, the guys get together and decide to form their own company. Max recommends the moving business. There's only one problem, but it's a big one... The Cabrezi Brothers. The Cabrezis are about to demonstrate that brotherly love doesn't extend to strangers on their turf, and they're set to flatten the frat boys, unless the boys use that college education to work their way out of trouble!?ÿ

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