Lord of the Rings Trilogy Extended Edition (DVD)

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"The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy: Extended Edition has finally come to Blu-Ray, and in true ""My Precious"" fashion, this is the collection to own. For those who have already seen the extended editions of the films, you know that they add a new level to the already incredible series. For those who haven't, put together you're adding two additional hours of runtime. That's a pretty significant bonus right there, and that time includes some key moments from the trilogy that many fans were looking for.The 15-Disc set includes more than 26 hours of bonuses, including four commentary tracks for each film (Director & Writers, Design Team, Production & Post-Production, and Cast), and the truly incredible Costa Botes behind-the-scenes documentaries. These are no ordinary behind-the-scenes features, and cover every aspect of the process with amazing footage.

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