Long Distance Poison: Gliese Translations (Vinyl)

by Fin Records
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LP + DVD) In 2012 Fin released Long Distance Poison's Signals To A Habitable Zone - a 12'' with two epic 20 minute pieces of analog drone with accompanying DVD and blueprints for building a magic machine to transmit the tracks to the neighboring planets that may have life. A grand experiment, people also really enjoyed putting the record on their turntables and just listening. Gliese Translations takes these pieces and deconstructs them - and reinvents them into new forms to be transmitted in tandem with the originals. The 12 inch includes remixes by Steve Moore (of Zombi), Drew McDowell (of COIL) and Shawn Parke (remixer for Mirah, Calvin Johnson and LAKE) and a DVD of new videos by Matthew Caron and Rebecca Gaffney - with a new song by LDP, A Passage Above.

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