Life Saver Water Bottle Replacement 6000 Ultra Filtration Cartridge

by Life Saver
Save 28%
Ensure you can keep using your LIFESAVER bottle with a replacement 6000UF cartridge. The LIFESAVER 6000UF replacement cartridge will produce another 6,000 litres of clean, safe drinking water.
When you have reached the filtration limit of your existing cartridge, the bottle will stop working. This is called FAILSAFE technology and will ensure you never drink contaminated water. Your cartridge will need replacing with a new one. Assemble and fit in minutes, the LIFESAVER 6000UF cartridge ensures you can continue filtering water.
The LIFESAVER 6000UF cartridge filters down to 15 nanometers / 0.015microns in size which means that the pore size of the cartridge is small enough to block even the smallest known waterborne virus; parvovirus at 18 nanometers / 0.018 microns in size and the smallest known bacteria at 400 nanometers / 0.4 microns in size.

*This product is re-certified and packaging may be substandard