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Intermediate Algebra: A STEM Approach Hardcover

by Pearson | SKU: 122940100221CCS0EC366 | UPC: 9780134758978 | LOC: -366.0-02-10-21
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SKU 122940100221CCS0EC366

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Intermediate Algebra: A STEM Approach empowers future STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) students with the skills necessary to succeed in both College Algebra and their ultimate field of study. George Woodbury believes that any student can pursue a STEM career — and exposes them to a broad array of STEM disciplines and the growing opportunities in STEM fields.

STEM-focused career spotlights and interesting applications highlight the relevance of mathematical skills for future STEM courses and careers. Preparation for College Algebra is ensured with an “early-and-often” approach to functions, and clear connections are made between Intermediate Algebra and subsequent math courses. This text offers market-leading content from a preeminent author-educator, tightly integrated with the #1 choice in digital learning — MyLab™ Math. 

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