iHome iP29 Portable Stereo Speakers For iPhone & iPod


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The iHome iP29 is a cute, compact portable audio system. When plugged in it will charge your iPhone or iPod (the only Apple MP3 player not compatible with this is the shuffle), while itÌÎ_Œ¢?̥ÌÎ_?̴̥Ìös playing, or you can use it with 4 AA batteries for the times when you are not near an electricity source. We particularly enjoyed having the iP29 at the beach; itÌÎ_Œ¢?̥ÌÎ_?̴̥Ìös easy to carry in the beach bag, doesnÌÎ_Œ¢?̥ÌÎ_?̴̥Ìöt weigh much and has a water resistant case. We didnÌÎ_Œ¢?̥ÌÎ_?̴̥Ìöt expect such a great sound out of such a little package, but the iP29 delivers. In a regular room the clarity and volume was really much more in keeping with a larger system, and outdoors we had enough volume to listen to music while playing frisbee. iHome built this portable system so that even though itÌÎ_Œ¢?̥ÌÎ_?̴̥Ìös small, itÌÎ_Œ¢?̥ÌÎ_?̴̥Ìös sturdy and durable, making it ideal to take along for most outdoor activities. Expect to get around 4 hours of use if youÌÎ_Œ¢?̥ÌÎ_?̴̥Ìöre using batteries, at reasonable volumes. We mightÌÎ_Œ¢?̥ÌÎ_?̴̥Ìöve liked rechargeable batteries, and some customization options, but liked this easy zip and go portable speaker system.*This product is Recertified.A recertified product is one that is returned by a customer, for whatever reason, and then restored to original working condition after undergoing an intensive inspection process by qualified technicians. The recertified product is then offered at a substantially discounted price. All stock of our current products are guaranteed to be in working condition and have been successfully tested for optimal performance. 7 day return policy is in effect for both in-store and online purchases. See in store for more details.

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