Healthiest Way of Cooking with George Mateljan Cooking School (DVD)

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No matter how nutrient-rich and health-promoting the foods you select, learning how to cook them properly is of utmost importance if you are to retain their nutritional value. Up to 50-80% of the nutrients in food can be los if improperly cooked! As important as nutrition is taste -no one will continue to eat food that has little flavor or appetite appeal. You will learn to stay informed about cooking healthier, getting healthier and becoming more powerful by: .A New Way of Cooking is perfectly preparing over 40 different foods by taking into consideration their individual uniqueness .Cooking at low temperatures, using short cooking times, and avoiding the use of heated oils.Providing you with minimalist approach to cooking with recipes that take 5 minutes or less with 3 or less ingredients without compromising flavor .Demonstrating how to have perfect great-tasting vegetables every time using my al dente cooking method.You will learn how to cook healthy delicious meals at home that can save you lots of time and money

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