Gossip Girl: Season 1 (DVD)

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Gossip Girl is a delicious not-too-guilty pleasure, a visual feast of couture and perfectly coiffed hair. The elite high-schoolers of New York's Upper East Side throw red-carpet parties, live in five-star hotels, and plot dastardly deeds against each other. Their actions are reported--and often exposed--by an omniscient presence known as Gossip Girl, an anonymous Web master who posts updates via her blog and text messages to the student body. Her primary target is the social circle of Serena van der Woodsen?ÿand Blair Waldorf, best frenemies who lean on each other. The show opens as Serena returns from a semester at boarding school, determined to put her hard-partying ways behind her. But she's chock full of secrets, one of which is that before her abrupt transfer she'd slept with Nate Archibald, Blair's boyfriend. In season one, Blair becomes embroiled in her own triangle between Nate and slimy womanizer Chuck Bass; the two guys also happen to be best friends. Serena, meanwhile, steps into a romance with studious Dan Humphrey, an aspiring writer on scholarship whose rocker dad once dated Serena's gold-digging mom--got all that?

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