Golden Retriever: Light Cones (Vinyl)

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'Light Cones' is unique in the Golden Retriever discography as it's their first release more akin to their live performances, with each of the LP sides consisting of one extensive track. Both sides find the group exploring the various colors of their pallet. From the electronic bog that opens side A, to the more zoned out meditations of the first half of side B. Sielaff's bass clarinet continues to be an anchor for the duo, with its lower organ-like register providing a wide earthly gravity for the layering of sound. Carlson's modular synth responds with everything from soft bass throbs to bursts of high-end, slippery keyboard runs and electronic blinks of colored noise, all filling up the stereo field. When the two build pace in unison, their energies head upward towards a hot magnetic peak, merging into one indistinguishable mass of sound, brilliant and shimmering. The come-downs are also sweet. Long dark passages bathed in echo and west coast twilight.

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