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Et si c&'était ici, le Paradis?

by Big Box Outlet Store | SKU: 171046291019CC | UPC: 9782894368190 | LOC: F-319-10-29-19
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What would happen if you suddenly realized that Paradise is here - in this existence that we live in the matter right now? And ... if it was here, Paradise? is an attempt to break some of the biggest myths to which we have given credence - myths that prevented us from living fully our lives by becoming the dominant beliefs of the culture around us. These ideas, forming the very foundation upon which we base our personal values, are all false! As a result, we continue to search for our answers outside of ourselves, which prevents us from moving forward! Nothing can change these destructive patterns until we deconstruct the myths and reveal the lies that shaped our thoughts and beliefs. Each chapter will debunk a common myth that we have, for the most part, accepted as the truth, without asking questions. The author shows how these myths are widespread and often invisible to us by sharing anecdotes and examples of her life and explaining how she discovered their falsity. Each chapter is followed by a section entitled Living in Paradise here and now, where it offers some possible truths behind the myth it has just defeated, as well as the useful methods to go beyond some of this conditioning, so that we can transform fully this myth in our life and finally live from our truth, instead of interpreting the myth. After her best-selling book, Dying to Live, Anita Moorjani offers us a powerful book that could open the doors of paradise here and now! the reader who is holding this little.

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