Death In June: Guilty Have No Pride (Vinyl)

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Death in June formed from the remains of political punk band Crisis in 1981, keeping Douglas P. and Tony Wakeford and adding Patrick Leagas. The band's first LP The Guilty Have No Pride was originally released in 1983 during the renaissance of dark, gothic and industrial music. It echoes sounds of Joy Division and Bauhaus and like them is pop music of the first order, but it also has a richer center layered with textures and themes that give it a shadowy depth that one must mine several times in order to fully appreciate its complexity and breadth of vision. It sounds as haunting and fresh today as it did in '83, but truly reveals its quality when considered as a historical document representing the best in early darkwave, and as a foreshadowing of all the brilliant music that was to come later containing vestiges of its influence. For fans of Joy Division, Throbbing Gristle, Non, Coil, Nurse with Wound, and Current 93

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