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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (Blu- Ray)

by 20th Century Fox | SKU: 024543888253CA-1 | UPC: '024543888253 | LOC: F-248-09-16-19
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First up, we get a look into the Apes new habitat. Which we've seen glimpses of before. The Apes appear to live alone, surrounded by a massive barricade of sharpened logs. And yes, they have horses, lots of them. One of the first shots focuses on an army of horse-riding apes. They look fantastic. Inside their home, you can see the beginning of ape society. A lot of familiar faces appear, Maurice the Orangutan from the previous film is there, and you see flashes of him from time to time throughout the trailer. Maurice looks sad, or concerned, he's seen counseling Caesar. Which gives credence to the rumor that all the Apes can talk now, although the only ape we hear talk is Caesar (and he says "Apes, Family, Future." We see a family of apes gathering, playing with their babies. A lady ape and constructed some sort of bonnet made out of flowers. Life is good in the forrest for apes. But then one day, a man walks into town. Clearly these two societies have not interacted in sometime. The response is immediately negative. It's actor Toby Kebbel, he puts up his hands, he's there to make a deal. What deal, we don't know. Cut to the humans. They are not doing so well. Gary Oldman is talking to a very small group of humans over a loud speaker he bellows, "It took us four years fighting in the gutters but we are survivors." Kerri Russell counters, "It was a virus created in the labs, you can't blame the apes." Kirk Acevedo spits back "Who else am I going to blame?" Lots of flashes between actors Jason Clarke and Oldman, they are clearly fighting with each other on how they should be handling the Apes. Jason is seen in a poncho trying to make contact with the Apes, clearly they need something. Oldman wants them all dead, calls the apes animals, and is seen clutching and crying a picture of two little girls (presumably his dead family).

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