Complete Fundamentals of Rope Jumping: A Teaching Guide

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Long a staple in physical education programs, the jump rope is a proven, effective, and inexpensive tool’???especially useful given today's education budget constraints. Yet many physical education teachers struggle with how to get the most from rope jumping.
Rene Bibaud's Complete Fundamentals of Rope Jumping DVD will help teachers use those jump ropes’???and help kids ages 7 through 11 have fun while being active. This 108-minute DVD takes the educator through eight sets of skill breakdowns, including single-rope skills, long-rope activities, group routines, build-ups for double dutch, and fun games. Instructor Rene Bibaud provides personal stories, entertaining metaphors, and inspiring messages and motivational tools, as well as concise and uncomplicated lesson plans with measurable outcomes that can be printed from a computer.