Born To Sing: No Plan B - Van Morrison (CD)

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Van Morrison returns to Blue Note Records for a new studio album 'Born To Sing: No Plan B' to be released on October 1. Morrison previously released the Grammy-nominated 'What's Wrong With This Picture?' on Blue Note in 2003. A six-time Grammy winner and member of the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and Songwriters Hall of Fame, Morrison is one of the most influential artists of the modern age. His poetically impressionistic lyrics and unique fusion of rock n' roll with soul, jazz and folk have deep emotional resonance and universal appeal. His transcendent masterpieces 'Astral Weeks' and 'Moondance' are typically ranked among the best albums of all-time, while his more recent recordings 'Magic Time' and 'Keep it Simple' enjoyed Top 10 debuts. 'Born To Sing: No Plan B' was produced by Van and recorded in his native Belfast

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