Agent Cody Banks 2 (DVD)

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Frankie Muniz (Big Fat Liar, Malcolm in the Middle ) is up to his backpack in intrigue as secret agent Cody Banks in this awesome action-adventure co-starring Anthony Anderson (Kangaroo Jack) and Hannah Spearritt ('s Club 7 ). Stacked with new gadgets, slick special effects and wicked chase scenes, Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London is a topnotch, top-secret sequel'that's licensed to thrill! Foreign affairs get kid-tested, when Agent Cody Banks heads to England to catch an evil scientist who's stolen a mind-control device for his plot to rule the world! Posing as a student at an elite boarding school, the CIA's most junior agent teams up with London's hottest spy (Spearritt) to stop this madman from turning world leaders into zombies!

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