500 Days Of Summer (DVD)

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500 Days of Summer is like the American Apparel of movies, in that tries really hard to be hip--so hard it sometimes evokes an involuntary cringe. The perfect soundtrack (indie-pop infused with cleverly ironic 80ƒ??s hits), the smart cinematography, the occasionally broken fourth wallƒ?? Itƒ??s a natural progression from mid-00ƒ??s ƒ??youth-cultureƒ?? flicks like Garden State and it does a good job rounding out the decade.?ÿ Everything in this dramedy resembles a music video and the characters are twentysomethings once again not living up to their full potential.?ÿ 500 Days of Summer is touted as being really unique and original--itƒ??s not. But thatƒ??s not to say that itƒ??s not worth watching; it is, and mostly because of the leads. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel play a couple whose relationship story is told through a series of out-of-order flashbacks. The non-linear storytelling means we hop moment to moment from sweet, romantic and fun to crushingly desperate and sad, because the ultimate point here is that even when we believe we may have found The One, said soulmate might not feel the same way.?ÿ

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