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New items in-store daily! Find your nearest store

MTF Mainland Distributors is Big Box Outlet Store

MTF Mainland Distributors Owns Big Box Outlet Store

Formally known as MTF Price Matters, Big Box Outlet Store has been family-owned by the Funk’s since 1985 and operates in British Columbia, Washington, and California.
MTF Mainland Distributors owns and does business as Big Box Outlet Store in the retail sector. 
The core of the brand has kept focus ever since on finding brand name items through its reverse logistics purchasing channels, in order to sell products to customers at heavily discounted prices.
Mark Funk, Founder and President of Big Box Outlet Store, has made a long career of finding big success by recognizing great opportunities.
“We know how to keep it relevant,” says Funk, “we never lose sight of what our customers love, and that’s brand names and great prices.”
MTF-Price-Matters to Big-Box-Outlet-Store