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The Big Box Outlet Store is a unique discount retailer that offers its growing customer base access to great deals on brand names merchandise and a variety of products with one goal in mind - affordability. 

Our ability to source brand names through key vendor relationships at hugely discounted prices means we typically sell for 20% to 50% off competitor prices. We offer a comprehensive online shopping experience with a current catalogue of goods that changes and replenishes constantly, keeping our inventory fresh and up-to-date. 

Two of our most important mantras revolve around relevance and price. Our success is bound to a deep understanding that customers want recognized brands.  However, most relevant retailers offer brand names, what drives the business is that we offer these brand names at discounted prices because of our ability to source product through our reverse logistic channels.

Led by president and founder Mark Funk, the Big Box Outlet Store began by taking over a former liquidation business in Surrey, BC in 1985. It quickly grew into a prominent discount chain known as MTF Price Matters and changed the retail name to Big Box Outlet Store in 2014.  “The success is in the relationships with its key vendors and the consistent family approach with staff” says Funk, who has been managing the company from it’s beginnings.

The company now operates 12 stores in British Columbia, two in Washington state, and one in California. We share a dedication to offering the best in brand names in the way of, clothing, household goods, fitness, automotive, outdoor / sports goods, electronics, furniture, groceries and more by building relationships, embracing good opportunities, and embodying a culture of responsible stewardship every single day.

Put simply, Big Box Outlet Store can offer more because we offer brand names at discounted prices.

Some Brands We Carry

  some brands we carry including beats by adidas, dre, bosch, burberry, calvin klein, levi's, microsoft, philips, and sony