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by Hasbro | SKU: 954170620CBS0EC127 | UPC: 630509700066 | LOC: -127-06-17-20
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Embrace the awkward with this laugh-out-loud game that's all about connections, questions… and consequences! Two players are locked in a cozy embrace by the included hug belts, and the Hug Master asks "yes" or "no" questions such as, "Would you swim with sharks?" or "Do you text on the toilet?" Both huggers must answer the same way or they'll get a consequence card that directs them to do pretty zany things such as doing a squat together, stand like a flamingo, or perhaps stare at each other and make horse noises -- all while still in the hug. The Hug Master earns the consequence card, encouraging them to choose 2 players who have the least in common. Players have to match 3 of their answers to be unlocked from the hug. Be the best Hug Master by earning the most consequence cards by making the most awkward pairings! Hasbro Gaming and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro. Includes 2 Awkward Hugs belts, 100 question cards, 50 consequence cards, 2 keys, and instructions. Ages 16 and upFor 4 or more players. NOTE: Be aware of your surroundings, and clear the area of any obstacles before playing.© 2018 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

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