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Roxio Creator 2012 (with 4 3D Glasses) Special Edition

by Roxio | SKU: 31581920CAS0EC168 | UPC: 687967132656 | LOC: -168-08-19-20
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Creator 2012 Special Edition from Roxio is your Swiss Army knife for various media tasks, such as video editing, photo enhancement, music mix creation, file conversion, data backup, and DVD burning. This Special Edition version of the software includes advanced features that were previously available only from professional-level applications – you get HDR (high-dynamic-range) photo creation, SmartSound soundtrack creation, and much more.

Files tend to multiply like bunnies. We've all got cameras with vast SD cards, TiVos, troves of legacy music both digital and analog, and fast Internet connections capable downloading not just songs but full movies. With all that on our hard drives, it can seem impossible to get a handle on all those various types of media. What good are photos if they live their whole lives on the backside of your SD card?

Roxio Creator 2012 Special Edition represents a unified solution for video & photo enhancement and sharing, DVD creation, music file editing, and data backup. Significantly, it's also able to convert most video file types to DivX format so you can view them on DVD players, gaming consoles, and other compatible devices. Why learn and maintain a variety of programs that only do a fraction of the job? Creator 2012 Special Edition handles all these tasks and more with grace. The affordable software package could replace the ad-hoc collection of one-task solutions that you might have cobbled together up to now.

Creator 2012 Special Edition won't just help handle the existing tasks you want to execute – it will take you to the next level. Its 3D capabilities will have you creating three-dimensional photos and videos out of source material that was either 2D or 3D. With the right viewing equipment and a little help from Creator 2012 Special Edition, you'll be hosting screenings of your own 3D slideshows and videos in no time.

Moreover, you'll be accomplishing things that you might have never before even considered attempting, such as creating custom ringtones from your songs, beat-matching your music mixes (automatically!), and converting your TiVo'd video for later viewing on your mobile device.

Maybe you just want to schedule backups to your hard drive and upload videos to YouTube in just one step. Or maybe you want to explore the finer points of image enhancement, file conversion, and DVD authoring so you can become the most accomplished & prolific auteur among your friends. Whatever the task, Creator 2012 Special Edition gives you the tools to do it all easily.

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