Bach: Violin Concertos BWV 1041,1042 & Double Concertos BWV 1060, 1043

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Arthur Grumiaux's style may be recognisably "old school" in its warmth, the way he uses vibrato and his luscious, full-throated tone. But thankfully great music-making is not at the mercy of fashion and great music-making this certainly is. In faster movements Grumiaux strides energetically through Bach's sinuous solo lines, in inner movements he tends them lovingly, never losing the opportunity to point out to the listener something he or she may have previously missed, but never lingering long enough to lose the plot. In the Double Violin Concerto Herman Krebbers proves an ideal partner, the tone of the two violins sufficiently differentiated but their interpretation perfectly matched. In the Oboe and Violin Concerto there's a switch of orchestra and conductor, with a discernibly larger-scaled result but with no lack of momentum. It would be difficult to find warmer or more desirable performances than these.

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