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Week 1 - Outstanding Employee

TamiMeet Tammi, she is one of the newest additions to the Abbotsford store, she continues to excel as head Cashier since the day she was hired. Tammi continues to go above and beyond to keep the store clean and sanitary during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tammi just recently celebrated her 1-year anniversary with Big Box Outlet Store and in that time she has worked at the Walnut Grove location, transferred to Head Office to work in processing, and now she has become the head Cashier with the team at Abbotsford.  

In her spare time, she enjoys tending to her garden, feeding birds, and being outside in general. But she still finds time to read her favorite book and is even working on writing her own fantasy-based novel. 

Since the first day, Tammi joined our team she has taken the lead on ensuring our stores remain clean for our customers and staff members. She continually disinfects and wipes down the till areas, pin pads, and buggies before and after customers come in contact with them. She has done such an exemplary job that customers have made a point of acknowledging her continued efforts and have thanked her for making sure that buggies and baskets are wiped down and made sanitary for them to use.

We are thankful to have Tammi as part of the BBOS family as she continues to step up in whatever capacity is needed. Thank you, Tammi, and keep up the great work!

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