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7 Rainy Day Hacks to Brighten Your Commute in Vancouver

7 Rainy Day Hacks to Brighten Your Commute in Vancouver

If you live in a city like Vancouver, you’ll know what endless rain truly looks like. Spring showers, Fall showers, even winter showers, will happen. Sometimes it lasts only a couple days, and other times a few weeks. Your commute to work might involve a combination of skillfully carrying an umbrella among crowds, running from awning to awning, or avoiding street corners at all costs (as this saves you from potential car-splashes).

Given that Vancouver will have rain more than 161 days every year, it’s worth being prepared.

To offset the chance of spending your day partially soaked, here are 7 helpful hacks to conquer the rain in Vancouver:

1. Get a bold, durable umbrella.

Umbrellas can be replaced for relatively cheap; although, investing in a sturdier one that is build to be wind-proof will save you in the long run. Look for an umbrella that is labelled weather-proof or windproof. Another way to ensure your umbrella will last? Opt for a coloured umbrella over a black one. Believe it or not, a bright umbrella has less chance of being left forgotten on the floor of the bus. It stands out – preventing it from being misplaced.

2. Choose waterproof.

The term waterproof, water-resistant, and water-repellent all sound like the same thing, though each one offers a different level of water protection. This can become confusing when it comes to choosing the right jacket for the season; however, waterproof is your answer. The only level of water protection that will entirely keep you dry is waterproof. The other two, will either resist a small degree of water or repel a bit of water. Your go-to in a heavy downpour of rain is waterproof, and only waterproof.

3. Carry a pair of spare socks.

Leaky boots or shoes may happen, leaving you with wet socks and feet. Even if you’re wearing rainboots, there is no guarantee your socks will stay completely dry. Storing a pair of back-up socks in your purse or backpack doesn’t hurt.

4. Use microfiber towels.

Buy a microfiber towel to keep in your bag, at work, or in your pocket. If you get drenched in the rain, these towels will come in handy since microfiber can easily absorb water. These are life-savers if you find yourself caught in the rain.

5. Put on a warm hat.

Wear a warm hat, or bring a fleece toque with you during winter showers – the rain will be freezing!

6. Wear suitable footwear.

A waterproof boot that can stand the rain, will keep your feet comfortable and prevent blisters. That said, you will get the best value by buying a pair that also has breathability. Breathable footwear will prevent your feet from sweating excessively.

7. Use a waterproof carry bag, backpack or purse.

It’s probably the last thing that comes to mind when going out in the rain, but protecting your bag means protecting your belongings. Opt for a bag with zippers, and that is waterproof, to prevent your lunch or any electronic gadgets from getting wet.

Rainy days can feel a bit dreary during the daily commute, but hopefully with these tips you'll keep dry and comfortable in the right gear.

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Ibrahima Cisse - November 4, 2017

Great Article Sarah! Looks like we’re gonna have to have a snowy hacks as well :)

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