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How to Make a Damn Fine Cup of Coffee: 5 Ways

How to Make a Damn Fine Cup of Coffee: 5 Ways

For many of us, that morning cup of coffee is an absolute must, and for good reason: it gives us energy, helps us stay focused, and not to mention it’s damn fine deliciousness!

When it comes to making it at home, you have quite a few options. How you make it is key, and what you use to make it is also key. So let’s explore the world of coffee.

Here are 5 ways to make a damn fine delicious cup of coffee in the morning:

1. Use an automatic drip coffee maker.

This type of coffee maker will produce your standard, traditional drip coffee – and it also requires little effort. You put the ground coffee in, add water, push a button - and boom! Your coffee is made. If you like your coffee to be the simple North American style, as well as easy to make, this one’s for you.

2. Percolator

A percolator will give you a rich and strong coffee! The process of making it requires heating the percolator over the stove, leading to a hotter and more full-bodied cup of coffee. Some find percolators to be a hit or miss – but percolator aficionados suggest it’s all in the art of perfecting the careful process.

3. French Press

This one will impress you. It is one of the easiest manual coffee makers, so that requires little effort. It also creates a rich and smooth-tasting cup of coffee that will bring out those hints of chocolate, cherry, or other flavours that exist in the beans you use. All you need is your coffee grounded, some boiling water, and a basic french press to produce this lovely cup of joe.

4. An espresso machine

For those who love the rich crema of espresso, enjoy the occasional (or daily) latte, cappuccino, macchiato, or americano, an espresso maker is your go-to. A well-made espresso can knock your socks off. If you like your coffee to have a smooth consistency, and a dark and strong hit, this one’s for you.

Traditional espresso drinks are more complex to make, but certainly worth the extra effort. If you’re looking to invest in a espresso machine for your home or office, find a great deal on espresso machines here.

5. Moka Express

In case you are an espresso lover but don’t love the cost of an espresso machine - try out the Moka Express! This Italian beauty will give you hard-hitting espresso shots (without the espresso machine). All you need to complete the whole package is an automatic milk steamer to heat and froth the milk for that homemade cappuccino.

No matter which of these five coffee-making approaches you opt for, they’re all guaranteed to give you a damn fine cup of coffee. If you’re in need of a coffee maker, find yours at a discounted price here.

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