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5 Ways to Conquer Back-to-School Season with Ease

5 Ways to Conquer Back-to-School Season with Ease

Summer is coming to an end and school season has begun to set in. The transition isn’t always easy – those warm sunny days start to become cooler, summer activities begin to wind down, and the expenses start to add up! 

You may already have a long list before you to prepare yourself or your kids. It could be a new pair of soccer cleats, a calculator for physics class, a haircut, a new jacket, or those heavy college textbooks. Regardless of your list, stress can be avoided with a little organization and planning.

Here’s how:

1. Recall those great memories from the last school year.

By reminiscing on those moments you enjoyed last school season, you'll feel less stressed getting back into the school routine. Studies have shown that when we remember a great experience, we relive the positive emotions. Take time to open that photo album and enjoy.

2. Start the school-night sleep schedule early.

Going from summer sleep-in mode to waking early each day will be hard on the body if it’s done overnight. The trick is to get a headstart – begin easing into the new sleep routine by gradually going to bed an hour earlier, and waking an hour earlier. Your body will thank you – and it will also reduce the chance of any sudden onset of insomnia.

3. Get organized.

Set up a comfortable space for you (or your kids) to work on projects, complete homework, and plan out a schedule. This will make it easier to also fit in time to spend with friends and family and/or enjoy leisure activities, as well as plan school lunches ahead of time.

Such organization will make the start of the school year less of a headache and more of a breeze. Having a plan can also give you better insight into anything additional you might need to pick up, such as water bottles, lunch boxes, or even a desk lamp for homework and study.

4. Do a little at a time.

Getting everything done all at once may be tempting, but it’s a stressful ordeal that isn’t necessary. If you’re starting early enough, break up each task to be done over time. Shopping for school supplies could be for one day; textbooks another; shopping for anything else like clothes and getting a haircut could be on another day; and so on. Accomplishing all tasks in short bursts will make it feel less daunting and headache-inducing.

5. Get all the shopping done (before the last minute).

Once you have a full list of everything you know you'll need, you can set out to shop for it; but first, do some quick research on where you can find it – this will save you time and money. For some, back-to-school shopping is an exciting experience; finding new clothes, shoes, and books can help get you (or your kids) into the spirit of returning to the next school season.

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